Read an Extract from The Acupuncture Point Functions Charts and Workbook

New from Singing Dragon is The Acupuncture Point Functions Charts and Workbook by Erica Joy Siegel: a clear and accessible two-part resource to learn the location and function of the acupuncture points.

Part I of the book comprises a series of 27 charts covering the primary meridians plus the extraordinary meridians and the known extra points. These charts show the location of the meridians and acupuncture points within the body, while explaining the functions of the points.

The second part of the book provides blank charts for the student to annotate.

Containing a vast amount of information in an engaging format, this book offers the perfect visual reference for acupuncturists and students, and the blank sheets offer a proven and interactive way for students to learn the different points or meridians.

Have a look at some sample pages from The Acupuncture Point Functions Charts and Workbook.

The Acupuncture Point Functions Charts and Workbook
Erica Joy Siegel

Paperback: £16.99

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