Singing Dragon attends the annual British Acupuncture Council conference

The annual British Acupuncture Council conference, this year held for the first time in Daventry in Northamptonshire, took place on 26-28 September and was a great success.

Franglen, NoraEckman, Peter (photo by Marina Chentsova Eckman)This was my first trip to the conference representing Singing Dragon as Senior Commissioning Editor and I was thrilled with our strong presence at the conference and to witness the real buzz around our books, particularly those authored by conference speakers. Our authors Peter Eckman and Nora Franglen spoke at the conference; Nora delivering the Keynote lecture on Saturday and Peter delivering a two-part lecture on ‘Resonance and spirit’. This was Peter’s first visit to the UK since 1997 so it was a privilege to hear him speak and the British Acupuncture Council were delighted to welcome him to conference.

Kevin Durjan, Conference Manager, said last year that he was trying to bring back the spiritual side of acupuncture to the BAcC and this was clearly evident in the choice of the theme of ‘Shen‘ for this year’s conference. The lectures, sessions and workshops ranged from very practical sessions with skills which practitioners could immediately take back to their practice (Andy Harrop’s wonderful two-part ‘The treatment of scars using Japanese acupuncture’ is a prime example) to excellent insights into classical theory relating to spirit (Peter Eckman’s talks, and those of Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee).

Buck, CharlesBuck_Acupuncture-and_978-1-84819-159-4_colourjpg-webSinging Dragon’s expansive book list was commented on by many visiting the stand and we sold many books, particularly Peter Eckman’s The Compleat Acupuncturist, Nora Franglen’s series on Five Element Acupuncture, and of course Charles Buck’s new book Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Singing Dragon sponsored the wine reception on Saturday evening and we had a fantastic book launch of Charles Buck’s book. Charles and I enjoyed introducing the book to all those assembled in the evening sunshine and he then signed copies afterwards. The book is an accessible and engaging journey through the history of Chinese medicine that explains how modern practice has evolved and, importantly, reminds us that it will continue to evolve and adapt to modern circumstances.

As Charles says in his introduction, ‘We will see that classical Chinese medicine is really not a single tradition but the constant reinterpretation and adjustment of classical doctrine to meet the changing clinical challenges of different times, and yet supported by the structure that the ancient truisms gave‘.

By Claire Wilson, Senior Commissioning Editor for Singing Dragon

Master Wu brings spiritual practices back to the British Acupuncture Council

Wu 12 AnimalsMaster Zhongxian Wu made one of his rare visits to the UK to attend the British Acupuncture Council conference. He gave a series of workshops focusing on “shaking the blues away” with Classical Qigong. The technique of shaking the body is connected to the thunder trigram which is associated with new energy and new life. Each morning of the weekend-long conference a crowd of delegates and exhibitors made their way across the lawns towards the sounds of the Qin – a recording of Master Wu playing the ancient Chinese zither. After an hour and a half of constant movement, shaking limbs while focusing on the energy in different parts of the body, it was clear that everyone could feel a real difference; eyes were brighter, everyone was energized and talkative, and all needed huge breakfasts.

Conference manager, Kevin Durjan, was thrilled with the positive reaction to Master Wu’s presence at the conference. He said he has been trying to “bring back the spiritual side of Acupuncture to the BAcC” as it is such an important part of the practice.

Hicks, John 1 - smallerSinging Dragon authors, Angela Hicks and John Hicks were among those being honoured with BAcC fellowships. John made quite a stir with his acceptance speech as he called for the British Acupuncture Council to “lead the way in the integration of Chinese Medicine and have one umbrella organisation for Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Herbal Medicine.”

The conference was a great success and left attendees with a lot to think about. The final day closed with a shaking session with Master Wu so people could go back to their practices feeling inspired and invigorated.

Singing Dragon at the National Qigong Association’s 18th Annual Conference


The National Qigong Association held its 18th annual conference in Valley Forge, PA, last weekend. This is always a fun conference to attend, and Singing Dragon got a great welcome, not least because Damo Mitchell (author of Daoist Nei Gong, and the new Heavenly Streams) was Saturday night’s keynote speaker, and he spent a lot of time hanging out with the attendees on the Singing Dragon stand over the weekend.

Damo Mitchell speech panorama

Damo’s keynote on the fundamentals of Nei Gong

There were lots of interesting things going on. Damo’s keynote on the fundamentals of Nei Gong (simple but not so simple) was extremely well received, and followed up by an excellent workshop the next morning which took attendees through the first principles of Nei Gong – learning by doing and giving a strong grounding in how to take the first steps towards enlightenment…

Damo Mitchell and NQA President Mark R. Reinhart holding a copy of Damo's book, Daoist Nei Gong

Damo Mitchell and NQA President Mark R. Reinhart holding a copy of Damo’s book, Daoist Nei Gong

The conference workshops always offer a vast range of approaches and styles, so attendees were as usual spoilt for choice. Old hands know that Daisy Lee (Friday’s keynote) always does a wonderful workshop, and this year it was open to men as well as women. Amongst many other highlights, Solala Towler, author of Cha Dao, and editor of The Empty Vessel, taught the Great Spiraling Dragon Qigong from Wudang, while NQA Chair Mark Reinhart ran a workshop on Qigong for addiction. Singing Dragon publisher Jessica Kingsley flew over from London for the conference, and had a great time trying to learn how to paint bamboo in Maryann Charmoz’s excellent workshop on Chinese Brush Painting, and refreshing a dim memory of the fan form in Mary Sturtevant’s popular workshop.

Attendees ranged from Masters with decades of learning under their belts to the newest of practitioners, and as we’ve seen from previous conferences, the emphasis is always on openness and enthusiasm.

Damo Mitchell speaking with a NQA conference attendee during his book signing

Damo Mitchell speaking with a NQA conference attendee during his book signing

The Singing Dragon reception (any excuse for a party) on Saturday evening following Damo’s keynote allowed everyone to let their hair down and chat informally to the conference big names, who are always generous with information and advice – good fun. In summing up at the end of the conference, Mark encouraged everyone to bring a friend new to Qigong next time. It certainly seems they would have a good time if they came.

All five of the sales and marketing staff from the Singing Dragon Philadelphia office made it out to the conference at various times over the weekend and really enjoyed it.


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Singing Dragon attends Building Bridges of Integration conference in Chantilly, Virginia

Singing Dragon was happy to return to the Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference in Chantilly, Virginia, from October 18-21. The warm temperatures made it feel like spring but with the beautiful foliage in full swing, fall easily gave itself away. The changing leaves were the perfect backdrop to this year’s conference theme: Transformation: Consciousness and Quantum Medicine.

Our table was busy with attendees who were happy to see Singing Dragon’s newest titles. These included I Ching Acupuncture by David Twicken, Acupuncture for New Practitioners by John Hamwee, Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong by Master Zhongxian Wu and Dr. Karin Taylor Wu and Illustrated Chinese Moxibustion Techniques and Methods by Professor Chang Xiaorong, Professor Hong Jing and Professor Yi Shouxiang. By the end of our first day we had even sold out of Frog’s Breathtaking Speech by Michael Chissick!

Attendees enjoyed discovering their Chinese animal and happily donned our pins inspired by Chungliang Al Huang’s The Chinese Book of Animal Powers. Attendees also stopped by to pick up our new title Mudras of India by Cain and Revital Carroll. Here Kate practices her Mandala Mudra.

During the conference we encouraged attendees to drop their business card into our bowl for a chance at a free copy of Chinese Medical Qigong. We are happy to announce that Deborah Waring of Lake Success, New York was the winner of this book. Congratulations, Deborah!