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Marshall Edelson

Marshall Edelson is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine, Yale University. He is a practising psychoanalyst, and the author of eight books. In June 2002, Professor Edelson will receive a Founders Distinguished Teacher Award from the New England Psychoanalytic Society.

JKP publications by Marshall Edelson

  1. Rediscovering Groups

    Rediscovering Groups

    A Psychoanalyst's Journey Beyond Individual Psychology

    Marshall Edelson and David N. Berg

    Edelson and Berg use stories to present, reflect on and learn from experience. The authors deplore the tendency to rely on individual psychology for understanding problems in groups or organizations and so, emphasizing the psychopathology of individuals, to blame them for what is going on. Learn More
    1999, 416pp