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Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Evan Soroka, illustrated by Kirsteen Wright

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Yoga Therapy for Diabetes explains to yoga therapists and teachers how to approach diabetes-related stress and tension, how to prescribe practices to offset these and encourage a positive mindset. It also connects the Ayurvedic principles of the five elements, doshas and gunas, therefore helping practitioners identify what might be out of balance and provide them with specific yoga tools to restore this balance.
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Paperback / softback
2021, 10.00in x 7.01in / 254mm x 178mm, 320pp
ISBN: 9781787752610

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Approaching diabetes from a multidimensional perspective, Evan Soroka links the practices and philosophy of yoga with science and lived experience. In this book, she addresses the major challenges of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, providing descriptive practices including spinal movements, breathing techniques and meditation.

By giving yoga therapists and yoga teachers the tools to encourage a positive mindset in the person with diabetes and therefore putting them in charge of their own health, this manual helps to identify what might be out of balance and how to restore it.


By (author): Evan Soroka
Illustrated by: Kirsteen Wright