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New Titles

  • The Luo Collaterals

    The Luo Collaterals

    A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Treating Emotions and the Shen and The Six Healing Sounds

    David Twicken

    The Luo Collaterals are an integral part of the acupuncture channel sy...

  •  Butoh Dance Training

    Butoh Dance Training

    Secrets of Japanese Dance through the Alishina Method

    Juju Alishina, Corinna Torregiani

    This book is a complete guide to the Alishina Method which draws on cl...

  • The Acupuncture Points Functions Colouring Book

    The Acupuncture Points Functions Colouring Book

    Rainy Hutchinson, Richard Blackwell, Angela Hicks, John Hicks

    Learn the functions of acupuncture points by colouring and doodling yo...


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