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  •  Seven Scents

    Seven Scents

    Healing and the Aromatic Imagination

    Dorothy P. Abram, Laura Mernoff

    Examining the psychoactive nature of seven aromatic plants, this book ...

  •  Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

    Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

    Dagmar Härle, David Emerson, Christine M. Grimm

    Trauma-sensitive yoga is a body-based intervention for treating emotio...

  •  Neuropuncture


    A Clinical Handbook of Neuroscience Acupuncture, Second Edition

    Michael Corradino, Giovanni Maciocia

    A clinical manual of a groundbreaking acupuncture system that incorpor...

  •  Practical Zen

    Practical Zen

    Meditation and Beyond

    Julian Daizan Skinner, Shinzan Miyamae

    Using a system established by the ancestors of the Rinzai tradition of...

  •  Seeking the Spirit of The Book of Change

    Seeking the Spirit of The Book of Change

    8 Days to Mastering a Shamanic Yijing (I Ching) Prediction System

    Zhongxian Wu

    Explaining the ancient Yijing system of prediction based on the Xiang ...

  •  Pain is Really Strange

    Pain is Really Strange

    Steve Haines, Sophie Standing

    Understanding pain is a very good way of relieving it. This engaging, ...

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