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  •  Returning to the Source

    Returning to the Source

    Han Dynasty Medical Classics in Modern Clinical Practice

    Z'ev Rosenberg, Ken Rose, Dr Sabine Wilms, Blair Thornley

    Written in the tradition of scholar-physician commentaries, this book ...

  •  Forgiveness is Really Strange

    Forgiveness is Really Strange

    Masi Noor, Marina Cantacuzino, Sophie Standing

    This comic, based on science and real-life stories, illustrates the co...

  •  Cooking for the Senses

    Cooking for the Senses

    Vegan Neurogastronomy

    Jennifer Peace Rhind, Gregor Law

    Presenting a new way of looking at food and flavour, this recipe book ...

  •  Yoga for Dementia

    Yoga for Dementia

    A Guide for People with Dementia, Their Families and Caregivers

    Tania Plahay, Martin Green

    With yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditations, this book sh...

  •  How to Kiss Goodbye to Ana

    How to Kiss Goodbye to Ana

    Using EFT in Recovery from Anorexia

    Kim Marshall

    Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in recovery from a...

  •  Anxiety is Really Strange

    Anxiety is Really Strange

    Steve Haines, Sophie Standing

    The science behind anxiety is explained in this engaging and highly or...

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